Young Dro Responds To Spodee Snitching Allegations

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  • 1627 Interstate

    You Take Yo Licc Like A Man Y'all Ni66as Tlkin Bout Dro Snitchin When It Ain't His Y'all Got Snitchin Baccwards !!!! The Dro The Boss n He Da Worker You Eat Yo Charge n You'll B Good W/Out Dro Spodee Has No Career !!!!

  • Jaheem Williams

    This man grown af .. the nigga spodee should have took his charge like a man .. real niggaz don't let other ppl go down for they shit .. only a snake ass nigga would .. still don't justify telling but damn nigga TAKE YOUR OWN CHARGE

  • Mk Km

    Dro trying to dress that shit up…He could be lying about spodee telling on him..we need to see that paper work like spodee showed.. BC we seen on the paperwork spodee presented Dro snitched and on top of that Dro admitted he told it hahaha.

  • Davan Hampton

    Who raised u niggaz. Boi aint Finna take no pistol case foe now nigga. U brought da strap now take yo charge bruh. Fuck is u niggas saying. U niggas dont know wat snitching really is.

  • Tyriece Davis

    DRO RIGHT. I wouldn't take no charge for a pistol that wasn't mines especially when you trying to help a nigga. And Spodee wrong for sending the police to his house and trying to get a girl to lie on him. Niggaz dumb as fuck if they call DRO a snitch or say he should've took the charge, dude get kids and family to take care of.

  • 757bigj

    Im not taking a charge for anyone.dro isnt a snitch.spodee should of manned up and taken his gun charge.dro had this nigga making money on the road and everything.

  • Kayne Tinnermon

    anybody who feel like dro snitching im sure haven't been in no situation like that… if a group of motha fuckas get stopped & searched & they find guns or drugs they finna take a statement from everybody to see who it belong to. if nobody claim it everyone go to jail. that's y they both went in the first place. point is its posed to be understood if we get jammed & you got something then take yo charge. Period. spodee lame for putting dro in that position

  • Lorenzo Knight

    Question to all y'all who feel Dro a snitch?
    1) Should a man leave his past behind and for get his people in route to a better life if he can't afford to bring his people up to his level and lifestyle to avoid problems that may come with those people?
    2) Would you completely avoid hanging with your people if they felt their life were endangered and they needed to protect themselves?
    3) Would you be okay if you didn't know your people had a gun and they got jammed and said it's yours. The police take you to jail and it's stolen with a body on it.
    4) What's a solid nigga to do in all described scenarios?
    *You broke and can't afford bail or lawyers in any of these scenarios*

  • Morrice Ivey Jr

    alot of yall nigga cant be street or have ever been to jail nigga got to learn how to man up if its my shit its mines im going down for what i did dro did right why not claim yo shit nigga i got to bond out pay lawyer's all for what when a nigga can say its mines then a nigga can come bond u out if both us go to jail who the fuck gona help who facts sum of yall dumb ass nigga will do a 100 years for shitπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ cause u didnt keep it real with yo self shidd yo charge man up lil nigga out here or get the fuck out the streets

  • Revolver Rell

    Both of dem niggas rats i heard out dro mouth u said he told dem ppl it was dude hammer dats ratten i dnt give a fuck wat happen dats y u dnt have ppl around u ur not sure of like gucci say well damn dro nd to not rap about no streets no mo a real nigga wat of kept his mouth close its alot of niggas n jail bad behind other ppl charges but dats wat u call solid its fucked up but dats all part of da game n bein a real street nigga if ur not prepared to take da heat stay out da kitchen real street niggas understand

  • Urbvn Unity

    Lol I see alot of yall talkin crazy like yall woulda took the wrap. GTFOH. We need to clarify this "snitchin" yall talkin about. If we do some dirt together and Im the only one who gets caught….if I tell thats snitchin' . If you doin shit I dont know nothin about and u get locked thats on YOU my nigga period. Quit that hard talk πŸ’―

  • Rabid Dawg

    alot of y'all niggaz comments dumb as shit so you telling me you willing to take a charge for another nigga so he can be free y'all niggaz might as well be gay cause y'all acting like a muthafuckin girlfriend lol!! screaming I'll take your charge boo it's no way I'm letting my nigga go back to jail,listen half of you dumb ass niggaz never been to jail but you on social media talking about you'll take the charge for somebody else pistol ,yeah right when the judge toss them numbers at your ass half of you niggaz talking about snitching will be singing like Keith Sweat I ain't taking no charge for nobody that's your pistol swallow that time my dude I ain't putting my momma through that pain again gotta talk to her through a TV monitor and she sending me money just so I can buy food and not eat that shit that they serve and none of my so called homie not sending me nothing or making a visit y'all can have that bullhorn keep thinking your homie is your homie

  • Stay Ready

    Dro said on drink champs the police found spodee gun he ain't step up and take the charge for his gun. Police take everybody to jail not only does spodee not man up but he's willing to let dro take the rap. Take ur charge bitch ass nigga


    If dro on police report n got statement that mean he snitched before they even got to jail he aint even give spodee enough time to admit to it and he in georgia u do not get no time for fucking guns out here

  • Shackartion Mchenry

    Same shit happen to me!! Nigga say they was gone keep it 100 if something happen. Smh) when it happen this fuck nigga act like i was just giving him a ride. Fuck that i ain't going for no broke nigga!! I wrote a statement on this fool in the middle of candler Rd. Niggaz take falls for me what i look like))) long story i went free because i was on my way to work. I didn't go to court on him but i went back to work that same day. Don't let no broke lame take u down)) AZ)


    U still was on paperwork, facts bro if anything u supposed to jus said ion Kno who gun it is ,12 wudda of done the rest weather is finger print or DNA but" these street niggas with money pay ya fuckin lawyer,but the real nigga Kno if is his gun jus step to the plate ,y put ya team in that position

  • yroth1

    From what I see y'all both sum rats and spodee a larceny nigga 4 puttin dro in dat situation to even have to snitch but spodee a rat too lol dese nigga both sum lames 4 dis but at least I feel dro might would've admitted it was his pistol if it was his shit tho


    If He Said: "That Pistol Belongs to SPODEE" to the cops? Then that's Snitching.

    If He Said: "That Pistol Ain't MINE." And the cops found out that it belonged to Spodee once Dro Denied it was His? Then That's not snitching. Because he only told the cops it wasn't his. As he should. Because it wasn't. and any real and smart nigga ain't gonna willingly throw away his situation because of another niggas bullshit that he most likely advised him not to do in the first place.

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