Joseline DRAGS Mona Scott Young & VH1 & Explains Why She QUIT The Show

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  • Casandra Darring

    Yes Joseline, you are doing right by calling them out. They made you look 👀 like a fool. So stand up for yourself. If y you quit then keep moving forward. Stay with your family who loves you genuinely. And is there for you regardless of what you do. Yes Mona Scott and Vh1 needs to address this and hear your plea and demands. I'm proud of you.

  • whoisSashaJolie

    Anyone know who is Jose referring to when talking about someone tried to commit suicide??

    The 'hood RAT she was then IS the 'hood rat Jose is today, make NO mistake and it hasn't been four years since her last physical altercation. She's inarticulate and this rant is damn near unintelligible, how the hell do you sue someone for over seven thousand dollars or millions of dollars in "People's Court"?? LMAO.

    Someone please help this tranny-looking hooker. I feel sorry for that child she has in her custody and I truly believe she was using drugs while pregnant.

    As much as I can't stand that BALD eagle Mona Scott, I have to state that she didn't do anything to Rasheeda and Kirk that they didn't allow. At any given time, just like Cardi B, they could've LEFT THE SHOW. Furthermore, I'm sure Mona wasn't the one inserting Kirk's beef stick into Jasmine Bleu!

    He made choices and Rasheeda has chosen to stay with him.

    In terms of Jose's contract with Mona, if she had an OUNCE of sense she would know outing Mona on social media will NOT get her the money she is demanding, serve the bitch with a demand for payment and take it to court, SUPERIOR COURT, not television court, dumb ass. LOL.

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