Boosie Back In The Studio Working On New Music For Another Double Disc Album

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  • John Pressure Washing & Painting in Baton Rouge

    Drop the second verse its too slow keep the first verse because its high tempo add Nikki then clean up version or add a Kendrik if you can..or a drake a Nikki and Drake reunion would be dope!…oh btw im feeling that vibee on the second song no more pain or prison vibes just melting down guitars and piano sound to some furiristic player shit love it when you come like that ..need dude from hook on God want me 2 ball on more choruses and put Blue on more choruses you on less talk about prison less its Rainbow time my nigga! Get them features now Drake and Nikki on one song,Kendrik,eminem you and him would be dope! Another J Cole! And some visual videos like Show the world bringing dofferent hoods out…Time to really ball man do it big for da Syndicate and your new double Dis Name it (Double Dutch) after Boopac yeah i heard dat! Lol

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